About Us

Our company founded in 1976 Izmir / Turkey was founded on.

Our company working on the lighting sector has been active in private production until 1994.

Between 1994 and 2001, we have been providing spare parts companies with special production parts in the automotive sector.

You can trust us to produce different and specific parts.

Our company works by machining, and spares from the date of commencement of its operations has become the supplier of many companies. Since it was founded, our company does not compromise in any way the customer satisfaction continues to operate in the same direction. The most accurate and meet customer needs in this regard as soon as possible is one of our essential public purpose. Our company aims to serve the widest possible range of spare parts industry continues to produce spare parts in accordance with the most advanced qualifications. Customer satisfaction is always aiming for itself, which continues to serve permanently stable structure without compromising our company will continue to serve you again in the light of these principles.

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